Within one month I had recouped the cost of the initial investment for the series by a factor of 10X. Not only is my company on pace to have its most profitable year as a direct result of working with Chad, I have a completely re-defined concept of what true wealth is. I cannot recommend this (Mind Architecture) investment strongly enough.


Palo Alto, CA

The first Mind Architecture session brought up intense emotions from my past, accompanied by a strong visceral reaction including tightness in my throat and intense heat. My ’aaah!’ moment came in the second meeting. I have practiced forgiveness for decades. The relief I have been seeking to find lay one level deeper the entire time.

Fairfax, CA

I have been working the program for about a year and what I love about it is the simplicity. This approach is unique in that it is tailored to fit my needs. I can do the workouts in the comfort of my own home with minimal equipment and I can work the program when I travel by bringing just a few props along.

Novato, CA

I have worked with Chad for years and started using his online program when Covid closed the gyms. The videos are easy to follow and help remind me of the correct form to use when working out. Chad customizes the programs and changes them monthly so you stay motivated and engaged. Chad is by far the most talented trainer/body worker/healer/coach that I've come across. I am glad that I can continue working with him through his online program.

San Anselmo, CA

I contacted Chad for help with chronic migraines. As a direct result of the insights I gained from our first appointment on Zoom, my wife and I are now regularly sleeping through the night - for the first time since our son was born three years ago. The change in all of our lives is remarkable, and the migraines have stopped.

Madison, WI

Chad is Extremely knowledgable and experienced. I had scoliosis and then had 4 children, leaving my torso scrunched and nearly immobile. I met Chad after 11 productive years working with other effective practitioners and had been swimming and practicing both yoga and Pilates. Chad did a full-body (skeletal, muscular, neural, and organ) assessment of me, and then we met once weekly for 1.5 hour adjustments (some Rolfing, some neural, and some organ) and twice weekly for 1hour complimentary workouts. The changes were immediate and permanent. In our family, Chad has corrected my scoliosis and skewed hips, my husband's long ago rowing rib cage injury, my daughter's scoliosis and my other daughter's flat feet. He is a genius at meeting people where they are each time we meet. We all were very motivated, and he met us there and helped us be our strongest.


San Anselmo, CA

The best evolutionary bodyworker in the Bay Area. Chad is the real deal and a master at his craft. He has a highly refined & subtle knowledge of the body and uses multiple modalities to provide a healing experience you can't find elsewhere. Strongly recommended!

Emeryville, CA

I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to work with Chad. I had been experiencing increasing pain in my right hip and leg. I thought it would never go away. I started doing training and body work sessions with him and after some sessions, I felt something was unblocked and released. I’ve been learning a lot and I am more aware of my alignment in my daily activities.
Thank you Chad !

Ross, CA

This past winter I received an appealing if somewhat intimidating invitation to walk the classic five hundred mile route of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage across the top of Spain from the French side of the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela. It was a compelling ask especially because it was extended by my eighteen year old daughter who would be capping off a gap year between high school and college. She would turn nineteen during the designated period and I would turn sixty. I decided to face the consequences of saying, “yes,” faced with the consequences of saying, “no!” Then it became a matter of committing to the decision in some significant ways. I took on teaching myself basic Spanish, researching the history of the pilgrimage and considering the spiritual and emotional aspects of the challenge. Of course, I also faced into how best to prepare physically (the most common question I was asked.) Thanks to the geography of Marin and being fairly active, I wasn’t completely stymied. I researched best practices in outfitting myself minimally but effectively and took a lesson in walking with trekking poles. Lastly, but most importantly, on the physical front, I engaged the help of professional body-worker and physical trainer, Chad Corradini. Chad had recently moved to Marin from Aspen, CO and I was lucky enough to find him early.

In no time, he became integral to my training process due to the sound and up to date knowledge and experience he brought to our work and the gentle, conscientious professional touch he brought to his teaching style. He is ready to tell you as much or as little as you want to know about the whys and wherefores of what he is asking you to do and you have his full attention, which the tiniest corrections continued to attest to. Chad typically starts the work-outs with you and I enjoyed that opportunity to shadow and imprint his movements during a warm-up as a way to ease into the more focused individual work. I have worked with other professional trainers over the years and Chad’s style of encouragement and empowerment were all the more effective because they came across as realistic and genuine, and insightfully personally customized.

He was always thoroughly prepared for each of our twice weekly training sessions and knew exactly which muscle groups to target for hiking and weight bearing (given my need to travel with a relatively heavy pack) and in which order to train them. There was a comforting and satisfying sense of repetition with which I could track my progress, together with a mounting complexity and difficulty that satisfied me that he knew where he was going with a comprehensive plan for optimizing my fitness in a finite period of time. He also did not hesitate to supplement my understanding with diagrams and links to videos of exercises we were working to perfect. And I have never benefitted from so many types of equipment, from ropes and bands to rocker platforms and machines. Yet it always felt well thought out, relevant, and simply the most effective way to strengthen, balance or align me as Chad’s body-worker’s eye assessed my needs.

Having your personal trainer be equipped to do corrections and alignments in body-work sessions is a huge plus since Chad could bring his knowledge of my body’s asymmetries and compensations from training sessions to bear on targeting specific joints or muscle groups in body-work sessions. He set a gold standard for a targeted and individual comprehensive preparation.

While we watched people succumbing to injuries and dropping out or bussing between towns, my daughter and I hit Santiago and kept right on walking—all the way to the ocean and a total of five hundred and sixty miles—all on our own four feet! Two of which turned sixty! Thank you, Chad!!

S.C., MD,

Mill Valley, CA

I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis and I was in a lot of pain. Through our work together over the last 2 years I am now pain free, off all medications, able to hike, bike, and enjoy playing with my kids again. I would highly recommend his personal training sessions and his body work sessions, they are life-changing.
K. N.

Aspen, CO

Dear Friends, I’m forwarding an email from the body-worker I’ve been working with for the past 4 months. He is so worth it. I need to add that because of working with him, I am in the best shape of my life. My ongoing neck, hips and knee issues have all dissolved. My energy is consistently higher and I’m overall much happier. My skiing is even better. I know this reads like an ad, but it is better than that, it is a recommendation by a friend who uses her body for work, for athletic activities and for the mundane needs of everyday life. I recommend getting Rolfed, stretched, cranial/sacral adjusted, nutritionally balanced, gym trained, coached in meditation, guided through yoga and overall, lifted up by this phenomenal multi-modality trained expert body-worker. I never do this kind of thing, but I think he is interesting enough that you will be interested too. I’m passing this information on to some of my friends that would seriously be benefited by working with him.

With extreme certainty and sensitivity, Chad has cleared energetic blocks and scars, softened the fascia that was trapping muscle sets to one another and to bones unnecessarily. The result is enhanced flexibility and more creative physical control. He is so much more than a trainer or a body-worker; Chad is a comprehensive living life trainer.

H. M.

Aspen, CO

I am 63 years old and I have been practicing yoga for 20 years. I began having sciatic pain, hip pain, and knee issues. The last 2 summers I have gone to see Chad for therapy sessions and it has always made the pain go away. This year Chad encouraged me to consider training with him. I was hesitant at first but then decided I needed to try something different. I have been training with Chad for the last 3 months and it has been really interesting. He had me do some simple exercises in a new way, and he had me do some unusual exercises I had never seen before, and he had me think about the way I was walking. Well, since I have been working out with Chad my hip pain has completely disappeared which is amazing. I am walking freer, and flowing freer through life. Psychologically I am lighter and more present and conscious.
K. K.

Aspen, CO

I am ruined for other massages. After a two hour Ancient Healing Massage it felt like I had new legs. Amazing.
R. S. M.D.


I have such respect for the manner in which you have trained me. I am sure there are things that every trainer does such as: demonstrate, push, motivate, record, etc. You take it so much further by way of the explanations of why each subtle correction is important and why a certain combination is important. I appreciate your ability to listen and address issues of limitations. At the end of the day I hope you realize that you have influenced and affected people's lives in a good way. Changing someone's life, that is no small accomplishment to look back on. Thank you for affecting mine.
K. K.


I have been in the fitness/wellness industry for over 25 years and I immediately was taught (by Chad) some techniques for stretching/massage that I had never seen/experienced before! Chad is very intuitive and has a good grasp of working with the body.
M. N.

Boulder, CO

Powerful work. You are always welcome at Tao Garden.
M. C.

Chiang Mai, Th

During my time as General Manager at Tao Garden Health Resort I have seen several excellent therapists but can easily say that Chad was one of the very best we ever had. His success rate was exceptional and such was the reaction of our guests, which led to the fact that appointments with Chad were booked heavily in advance. Chad is working with his heart and with his excellent skills and has in addition an ability to think and act in a wider context, which makes him also suitable to create visionary concepts. Highly recommended.
G. D. P.

Chiang Mai, Th

Good friends referred us to Chad and Helenori Systems. My wife Rachel sees him regularly and I have seen hime twice: once for intense muscle soreness and once for a back injury. In both cases I experienced immediate RELIEF. Anyone who uses their body hard would benefit.
K. W.

Snowmass, CO

I have received the Rolfing 10-Series from two well respected Rolfers. Chad’s work is Rolfing plus so much more.
J. N. Ph.D.


I began working with Chad to alleviate chronic pain after knee replacement surgery. When the pain had significantly subsided Chad recommended Mind Architecture. I will never forget the relief I felt as the result of that first meeting. The pain I was experiencing in my knee subsided even further. This approach has changed the way I experience every aspect of my life.

North Kihei, HI

Five months ago I was overweight. Every part of my body hurt. All I did was sit around. You set up a program for me and promised me results if I put in the time. After working with you online for five months there has been a complete transformation. I feel healthier than I've been in the past 20 years.

Phoenix, AZ

After my first "Mind" session with Chad I felt a fundamental shift in how I looked at my life. The impact from this work has been huge professionally, financially, in my family relationships, and in my personal health and mental outlook. I highly recommend this style of work.

CPA Boston, MA

I've worked with Chad for about a year now, and he has dramatically improved my health through his work as a personal trainer and shamanic bodyworker. I used to have lower back issues where my back would go out every year or so and my posture was such that I had a distinct arch in my lower back. Through his individual approach, he has altered my posture and illuminated my lower back problems while achieving a level of health I have not known in sometime.
Chad is an absolute geek when it comes to anatomy and the body, and his knowledge is unsurpassed in my experience. This knowledge allows him to create an individual program for each person. We only get one body, and if you are serious and willing to pay to get yours in top shape, then you must meet with Chad.

Ross, CA

I went to see Chad based on a recommendation from my personal trainer. I have been experiencing chronic lower back pain. Chad has created a customized plan that has shown remarkable results in getting me back to feeling lighter and stronger. His unique skills are having a material impact on my life.

San Anselmo, CA

Thank you Chad for your tremendous help. When I started experiencing debilitating hip pain 6 months after the birth of my second child, I was desperate to find the right therapy. After working with Chad for a few months my hip pain was gone and I was stronger than I was before my children were born! I am a certified Pilates and Yoga teacher, and I have also ridden horses professionally for many years. I found that the combination of manual therapy and personal training work that Chad provides to be an experience that is very powerful, and unique compared to anything else I have done. Working with Chad is a truly fun and rewarding experience!

San Rafael, CA

I came to Chad looking for relief from insomnia. I hadn't slept all the way through the night in over two months. I had tried everything and was desperate for help. Chad's approach to healing was multi-dimensional. He helped me release long held stress and tension in my body through his unique approach to body work. The most powerful result of our work together happened through Chad's sharing of his perspective. He helped me to understand more clearly what was happening to me and the greater role it could be playing in my life. This helped me to accept my current condition and ultimately release it's grip.
I now sleep much better and awake refreshed most mornings. I owe a lot of my recovery to the work Chad and I did together. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a no-nonsense approach to healing. His system works with the complete human being on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level.

Fairfax, CA

As a body worker myself, I know the importance of having effective quality work done for myself and my clients. I've been working with Chad now since January this year, first starting out with receiving 12 sessions in his office at The Authentic Self where I've had transformational work done for my body as well as my mental health. He has facilitated in helping me get through emotional "stuck" spots which has helped me move forward into a better state of wellbeing. I am now reinforcing the work we did together working out at KrickFit 2 times a week and have had amazing results. Being 46, I've never had as strong and as well defined body as I do now. Chad’s knowledge and encouragement throughout this process has been the catalyst for where I am today.

Petaluma, CA

If you are looking for a fountain of youth... Chad has helped me feel healthier and stronger than I've felt since I was a teenager. And he's a great guy too!

San Anselmo, CA

It doesn't get any better, Chad is nothing short of awesome. As a trainer myself, I have very high standards of professionals in my field and don’t write reviews lightly. Without hesitation, I would refer anyone who wishes to better themselves to Chad. As a trainer and a body worker he is top in his field. His ability to perceive how the body works is truly an amazing gift. My experience with Chad was profoundly straightforward. I was experiencing a disconcerting ‘instability’’ in my knee. It was affecting my running and leg workouts; I feared it would only get worse. So, I went to see Chad. He listened to my body and did what he called “emotional release” followed by some intense local work directly on the knee itself. I was amazed to find that the very next day my knee was feeling better. I have continued to work with Chad and believe wholeheartedly that it is his intuition and knowledge that have led me to feeling better and moving better.

San Rafael, CA

Chad is amazing, a truly gifted personal trainer and healer. He knows numerous training and healing modalities and has an incredible knowledge of the body. Chad has helped me work through a number of health challenges and I highly recommend him for anyone looking for optimal health.

San Anselmo, CA

A professional in the field of health and wellness can only take you as far as they themselves have gone. If you know Chad, you know that there are few people who have integrated holistic wellness into their being as effectively as he has. Rest assured, you are with one of the best.
D. C.

Queenstown, NZ

Chad’s loving presence and healing hands are a joy to experience, as he works right where your body and soul are asking to be met

Kimberlie Chenoweth

I am an ER doctor and an avid mountain biker. Working with Chad was a great experience. It was a relaxing experience. Chad has excellent professionalism and his anatomical knowledge is impressive. He opened up my hips, I feel more balanced in my posture and I feel more upright in my posture. I recommend him.
A. P.

MD Petaluma, CA

Your program has not only reduced pain from past injuries, but you have helped me recover faster from current athletic injuries, allowed me to stay flexible, and made me more competitive in the activities I do on a daily basis.
S. R.

Snowmass, CO

If I won the lottery I would have Chad on permanent call. As it is, I have to cross the Atlantic to have him work on me – it is entirely worth the trip. From the first time I experienced Chad’s work I was blown away by his skill, awareness and compassion, and I have since seen him grow in all three of these areas to become a truly awesome therapist. The additional tools he has acquired from FST and Rolfing have now taken Chad to a new level of physical analysis, intuition and treatment – I can’t wait to see what he does next.” The Authentic Self is the one: it will change your life.
S. W. Ph. D.

Oxford, GB

This is a must for any athlete who wants to increase their speed, flexibility, and power and STAY ON THE FIELD. Remarkable.
S. H.

Atlanta, GA

I am a custom home builder and aged athlete and I have been working with Chad to rebuild my structure. I had double knee replacement surgery nine months ago. Through treatments and training with Chad there is a remarkable difference in the way my body performs and it has given me new hope for life. I recommend it tremendously to everybody.
M. T.

Aspen, CO

I was quite impressed with Chad’s mastery and his innate healing ability, skill and care were immediately evident which made me book more appointments with him. The results were amazing. His training in Fascial Stretch Therapy and Structural Integration-Rolfing adds even more to Chad’s established abilities and credentials. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants deep, profound and long lasting results in optimizing total body awareness and performance.
C. F.


I have had a lot of body work probably sessions totaling over 400 and Chad has true talent but it is the type of talent that comes with hard work, focus and true love for a profession. He is a professional and works like he is. My body is a rare case, high levels of strength coupled with a tendency toward hyper mobility so I am always cautious of who works on me. When Chad worked on my after a very short time I could totally relax knowing that Chad had the knowledge to know where my end points of Range of Motion were and how much could be too much. Beautiful work Chad and only getting better.
S. I.

Boulder, CO

Before I started working out I did not like the way I felt or the way I looked. I had joined gyms before and tried different diets, sometimes losing up to 30 lbs of weight but always gaining it back. I have lost 50 pounds and I am now addicted to exercising and choosing healthier foods. Who would have thought I would ever say that?! I just couldn't have had a better trainer to keep my spirits up and keep me on track to reach my goal. It was truly a life changing experience.
M. V.

Boulder, CO

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Chad for many years. He is easily one of the most passionate, dedicated people I have ever met. He has completely devoted himself to mastering different massage, yoga and training techniques, and enjoys sharing his expertise with others. Chad truly cares about the people he works with and takes pride in helping them to achieve their goals. I could not recommend a trainer more highly.
A. F.

Chicago, IL

I contacted Chad for help with chronic migraines. As a direct result of the insights I gained from our first appointment my wife and I are now regularly sleaping through the night - for the first time since our son was born three years ago. The change in all of our lives is remarkable, and the migraines have stopped.