Ascension Training

Personal Training in the realms of Mind, Body, and Spirit


Personal Training

Ascension personal training begins with a detailed physiological assessment. A comprehensive training program is then created based on the results of the assessment. 

Core stability, joint mobility, body composition, pulmonary function, these are just a few of the areas that are addressed in the journey toward optimal health and fitness. 

After being in practice for more than twenty years working with people of all ages and from all walks of life, I’ve seen it all… and I continue to see something new every day!



This video was shot at the Arctic Circle in real time. My hope is that you will be reminded that it is never too late to open your mind.

Our minds are no different from our bodies. Our Ego must be both mobile and stable in order for us to enjoy vitality. Unfortunately most people’s psyche are rigid and unstable.

 This creates stress.

Stress creates friction.

Friction creates heat.

Heat creates inflammation.

Over a long enough period of time inflammation leads to dis-ease. 99.99% of the people in the world live this way.

The first step of Mind Architecture is to change the lens through which you view your life. 

This is the path to true freedom.


Manual Therapy

The practice of osteopathy is the most advanced and inclusive paradigm yet created to treat the human body. 

Our bodies consist of:

  1. The container: fascia (connective tissue), muscles, and the skeleton/bones.
  2. The contents: organs (viscera) and the emotions they hold, the nerves, and the vascular system (the arteries and veins)

All of these areas can be addressed and treated.

Discover the possibilities when the entire human body is met with specificity and care.

Not going to be on Maui but interested in online training?


What People Are Saying

Within one month I had recouped the cost of the initial investment for the series by a factor of 10X. Not only is my company on pace to have its most profitable year as a direct result of working with Chad, I have a completely re-defined concept of what true wealth is. I cannot recommend this (Mind Architecture) investment strongly enough.

Palo Alto, CA

Chad is Extremely knowledgable and experienced. I had scoliosis and then had 4 children, leaving my torso scrunched and nearly immobile. Chad did a full-body (skeletal, muscular, neural, and organ) assessment of me, and then we met once weekly for 1.5 hour adjustments (some Rolfing, some neural, and some organ) and twice weekly for 1hour complimentary workouts. The changes were immediate and permanent. In our family, Chad has corrected my scoliosis and skewed hips, my husband's long ago rowing rib cage injury, my daughter's scoliosis and my other daughter's flat feet. He is a genius at meeting people where they are each time we meet. We all were very motivated, and he met us there and helped us be our strongest.


San Anselmo, CA

I began working with Chad to alleviate chronic pain after knee replacement surgery. When the pain had significantly subsided Chad recommended Mind Architecture. I will never forget the relief I felt as the result of that first meeting. The pain I was experiencing in my knee subsided even further. This approach has changed the way I experience every aspect of my life.

North Kihei, HI

Thank you Chad for your tremendous help. When I started experiencing debilitating hip pain 6 months after the birth of my second child, I was desperate to find the right therapy. After working with Chad for a few months my hip pain was gone and I was stronger than I was before my children were born! I am a certified Pilates and Yoga teacher, and I have also ridden horses professionally for many years. I found that the combination of manual therapy and personal training work that Chad provides to be an experience that is very powerful, and unique compared to anything else I have done. Working with Chad is a truly fun and rewarding experience!

San Rafael, CA